Network Solutions

tumrack Network Solutions

tumrack Network Solutions

With tumrack Network solutions we offer a wide range of accessories and rack cabinets,  valuable investments such as server and hardware to work in a high performance and secure environment. Our network solutions minimize the time and cost loss with ease of installation as well as professional and perfect appearance.

tumrack Netrowk Solutions:

  • Standing Type Cabinets
  • Server Cabinets
  • Wall Mounted Cabinets
  • PC Cabinets
  • Fiber Optic Products
  • Accessories

tumrack offers your data center ease of use, flexibility and optimal implementation of your limited space to provide more benefits to your IT infrastructure. This innovative, industry-standard 19" Rack Cabintler has the capacity to be tailored to customer needs, enabling you to maintain the maximum number of components, cables and accessories while providing the power infrastructure you need.

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