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About Us

Years of Experience

With its knowledge and experience of more than 20 years, TumRack produces 19" rack cabinets and datacenter which are needed by the IT sector. In addition, our company manufactures and designs a wide variety of rack cabinets and rack accessories.

Experience and Quality

tumrack is established in 2000 at İkitelli Industrial Zone - İstanbul / Turkey.

tumrack is a member of a group of companies. Sister companies are; Teknofinsteel for machine technologies, Tum-Tes for electrical switchboards and enclosures, Simel for trading and marketing. 

tumrack uses own machines in the production by reflecting 20 years over experience and exports to many countries.

tumrack offers products which makes our life easier with its creative designs and compatibility to standards. 

At the end, this leads to increase the value of the trade mark "tumrack".
tumrack has dynamic management style with its professionals. 

tumrack uses high technological CNC machines and automatic robotic systems in its production process under DIN EN ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

TumRack Rack Kabin